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ALL ABOUT BUSINESS & PROFITS (2003 - 2007) ...

Nikao Consulting was incorporated in 2003 by Julius Wee. The company was initially a franchise with Action International, now known as ActionCOACH.

ActionCOACH is the world's number one Business Coaching Firm, with the main core of the business in Business Coaching with entrepreneurs. Areas covered include marketing, sales, systems, finance and building solid teams. Started in Australia, the franchise grew to New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Canada, England, Wales, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many countries throughout the world.

ActionCOACH was all about teaching principles of Business and Profits and how to get there to Business Owners of Small & Medium Enterprises.


In 2006, Nikao Consulting expanded its portfolio to Organizational Development - mainly in the areas of soft-skills training. This was to cater for more specific needs of bigger enterprises and want to develop the talent of the company further. This is mainly in the areas of customer service, leadership, management, sales and the various aspects of other soft-skills, like critical thinking, project management, maximizing performance, etc.
Incorporate Active Learning techniques and personality DISC tools and cognitive methodologies, (certified from IML DISC Insights ), Nikao Consulting focuses on Truly Transforming individuals and our clients - by working with the distinct personalities of individuals.

In 2008, Nikao Consulting further created a new Vision - to enable our clients to leaders within the marketplace - and to be the leading catalyst of creating the next-generation Fortune 500 companies in Asia within the next 10-30 years. Since then, the company has been moving forward in a very focused and strategic initiative to come up with innovations to achieve that vision.

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