Dear Nikao,

I would like to dedicate this thank you note to the fellow trainers from Nikao Consulting who had done a brilliant and magnificient job in facilitating thesession for our sales team in the program of “Motivating Teams for Par Excellence” dated 15-16 September 2007 in Sebana Resort, Johor. I find that the program is conducted in a very different manner, whereby a lot of streetwise tips were introduced and this had made the participants able to grab and put into the real world scenario immediately. On top of that, the program had been conducted in the most effective ways and varieties in the retreat activities. The trainers could mix and match their facilitation approaches with a lot of illustrations, active learning, games and role plays. This has made the retreat exciting and always surprising at every different interval session. I noticed the participant’s expression whenever there is a learning breakthrough. I believe this had helped them to move to the next level of training. I received good feedbacks from my team. The retreat had helped my sales agents in Malaysia and Singapore, in handling sales calls, objectives and self confidence. I believed this has strongly assisted by the trainers coaching capability and personal attention. A close follow up had been conducted to a few participants and this has challenged them to practice what has been incorporated in the retreat. We look forward in future learning by Nikao Trainers.
Thanks You.

Yours sincerely
Steven Phong
Business Development Director